The demands of daily life can take a considerable toll on household furniture. Whether you have pets or a very busy home, the inevitable scuffs, scratches and scrapes that can accumulate over time can leave your furniture looking tired and unattractive. We provide professional furniture repairs that can breath new life into your favourite items, so you can get many more years of enjoyment from the pieces in your home.
Our leather repair services can transform even the most damaged leather chairs, sofas and furniture to their former glory. We use tried and tested methods to make sure your favourite pieces look as they did when you originally bought them. We use a combination of a specially formulated repair solution, fillers, colourings and glues to seamlessly restore damage to a wide range of leather- covered furniture items.
As well as attending to leather sofas and chairs, we can apply our methods and vast experience to car seat repairs and anything else that is covered with leather. And we offer our furniture and sofa repairs on an on-site basis, so you don't have to be without your furniture for a second.

Leather provides a hygienic, comfortable and hard-wearing surface for furniture, but it can succumb to the rigours of daily life over time. However, our leather cleaning processes are designed to restore your sofas and chairs to their original glory. We use a combination of expertise and a range of specialist cleaning agents to remove even the most stubborn of dirt build-ups, grease and marks - and that means you can get many more yeas of faithful service from your leather furniture.

We provide a total solution to all your furniture repair requirements. Not only do we offer leather furniture cleaning, we can attend to French polishing repairs as well. Our expert repair team uses the latest restoration methods and solutions to breathe new life into household furniture, and that means you can enjoy your favourite pieces for longer. And if you are concerned about the disruption involved in sending your furniture away for repair, you don't need to be. We carry out all our repairs in your home. All you need to do is call us, and we will come to you!

Leather car seats are luxurious and comfortable, but they can be susceptible to rips, tears and premature wear and tear. Replacing a damaged car seat can be expensive, but attending to essential repairs is essential to comfort and safety. We can transform even the most tired and damaged of car seats at your home - saving you a great deal of money on the cost of a replacement.

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